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Trespassing into Odin’s Domain – Bergen, Fjords, Norway
Venture far into Norway’s spectacular fjords to encounter fearsome Vikings and uncover an underworld of mythical creatures . . .
Tales from the Front Bar - Salmon Gums, WA, Australia
Australia’s outback pubs are full of character— and characters. I certainly met a couple at the Salmon Gums Hotel.
Wandering the Wine Route - Beaune, Burgundy, France
Travel through the picturesque Saône valley re-tracing 1,800 years of making the worlds’ finest wines . . .
Unleashing a Jaguar on Yorkshire Dales - Keighley, England, UK
Take an exhilarating drive over windswept English moors in a legendary Jaguar E-Type sports-car.
Down a Gothic Time Tunnel – Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Get lost in the lanes of an ancient citadel to experience sights, sounds, and tastes from another era . . .
Celebrating B. B. King's Birthday - Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Two Memphis police cars block entry to Beale Street. They’re not cordoning off a crime scene: they’re getting ready for a riot-- a riotous street party. . .
Uncovering 500 years of Jewish Heritage - Ill Ghetto Nuovo, Venice, Italy
Away from hordes of tourists milling on Venice’s St. Mark’s Square is an intriguing district whose distinctive culture goes back centuries. . .
Quindanning Picnic Race Day – Williams, Western Australia
A bet in a bar between two stockmen over who had the fastest horse founded a race meeting that’s been running 40 years …
Blues & Breakfast – Clarksdale, Mississippi, USA
Retracing the roots of popular music along Highway 61 to the birthplace of modern blues music…
Tall Ship Trainee - Shark Bay, WA, Australia
The Leeuwin II strains her anchor chain. Wind whistles through shrouds that steady her three tall masts. An outgoing tide pulls her seaward. She longs to be unleashed.
Welcome to the Wild Kimberley - North West Australia
The helicopter flies towards a white dot that is the Kimberley Quest swinging at anchor in Crocodile Creek. . .
Escape to Long Lake – New York State, USA
Plans to cruise the scenic byways of Vermont in a Mustang coupé to see the fall colors got off to a bad start . . .
Sailing into Sicily's Intriguing Past - Southern Italy
Following in the wake of Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman, and Spanish invaders who bequeathed grand architecture, vibrant culture, and an eclectic cuisine to this picturesque isle at the foot of Italy.
Searching for the Real America - Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA
As he sets out on an epic motorcycle ride across America, Stephen Starling considers what lays ahead – once he negotiates Los Angeles' notorious freeways...
Sail Amsterdam: A Sweetheart's Homecoming - Netherlands
Sailing into port are 63 tall ships bearing over 500 sailors ready to celebrate Sail Amsterdam; a five day festival of all things nautical.
The Gun Store - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
I never understood the emotion around the gun ownership debate until I picked up an M16 . . .
Sailing to Dragon Island - Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Katharina is bound for a fabled volcanic island reputed to be a last sanctuary of prehistoric creatures whose bone crushing jaws possess a lethal, poisonous bite.
Hearst Castle - San Simeon, California, USA
The monuments and the myths of Hearst Castle are a fitting legacy for one of the most outstanding and controversial characters of the twentieth century, William Randolph Hearst.
Spending a Night Underground – Coober Pedy, Northern Territory, Australia
The sun is setting tinting the desert with a rosy glow as I ride on towards Coober Pedy. I’ve been on my Honda ST1300 since dawn. I desperately need a cold shower, hot meal, and a soft bed.
Escaping Los Angeles - California, USA
The street crossing East Los Angeles to the freeway is ugly. Car yards, burger joints, and pawnshops line the roadside. All three lanes are bumper-to-bumper, inching forward in fits and starts. It is hot — hot from the California sun and hot from the Harley-Davidson rumbling and shaking below me. ...

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